Chilean Wine Juice ** Updated Info **

The Chilean wine juice has arrived! We are scheduling pickup times now through Saturday 5/22/21.

Thursday 5/13 – 2-4pm

Friday 5/14 – 2-4pm

Wednesday 5/19 – 10am-2pm

Thursday 5/20 – 4-6pm

Friday 5/21 – 4-6pm

Saturday 5/22 – 10am-2pm

If you have not pre-ordered, you may still pick-up juice! Here’s the details: 

 *We will have 3 large totes of Chilean wine juice. Our options include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Chardonnay.
*Bring your own bucket & lid! We will fill your bucket.
*You can order as much juice as you like…just bring a bucket & lid for each 6-gallon amount that you order. If you need extra buckets, we have the 6 gallons buckets & lids available for $17.
*The price is $65 for 6-gallons of juice.
PLEASE NOTE — we are only filling buckets during the times listed above. Please adhere to this schedule. Thank you!
CALL …. 724.222.9463

It’s Wine Slushie Season!

It’s no joke…wine slushies are back at The Washington Winery starting on Thursday 4/1/21!!
We have 2 flavors for the months of April & May — your favorite Red Wine and a brand new flavor, Strawberry!! So light & fruity. Yum!
Enjoy our wine slushies on-site or to take to-go. Cheers!

2020 California Juice Bucket Update

We met with our supplier yesterday to discuss the availability and pricing of California juice buckets. While the availability of juice & grapes is sufficient for our needs, the cost of shipping remains outrageous. In order to have the buckets delivered to our location, the price per bucket would be over $110. We believe this price is unfair to you. We do not believe we would receive enough orders to meet the minimum purchase requirement. We decided to not offer juice buckets for this season. We appreciate your understanding of our decision.


If you are looking for an alternative to fresh juice, we would be happy to talk with you about our line of reasonably priced wine kits. Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information. Email: Phone: 724.222.9463. Thank you again for understanding.