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Each year Winexpert does not disappoint with their Limited Edition Kits…and this year is no exception! Check out these classic varietals and truly unique blends.

BLACK CAB – Lodi, California:  The vibrant acidity and smooth tannin in this dry red Cabernet and Gamay Noir blend are accentuated by flavors of cherries, red berries, spices, and soft vanilla notes.
Dry | Med. Body | Med. Oak | 12.5% ABV – Releasing January 2019 – $148

FUME BLANC – Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand:  Note how the tropical fruit and melon flavors pair with the grassy notes and light oak in this dry, oaked Sauvignon Blanc white wine.
Dry | Med Body | Light Oak | 13% ABV – Releasing January 2019 – $143

CORAZON – Curicó Valley, Chile: Full of deep fruit flavor, this blend of Carmenere, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Pais delivers a well balanced dry red wine — medium to full body, juicy fruit flavor, smooth tannin with just the right amount of oak.
Dry | Med-Full Body | Med Oak | 13% ABV – Releasing February 2019 – $148

Symphony Gewurztraminer – Sierra Foothills, California:  A unique blend – aromatic, floral, fruity with just a hint of sweetness. This crisp and bright off-dry white wine is full of peach, apple and tropical fruit flavors.
Off-dry | Light-Med Body | No Oak | 12% ABV – Releasing March 2019 – $143

Barbaresco – Piedmont, Italy: The Barbaresco Style dry red wine–made with the Nebbiolo grape–is widely regarded as one of Italy’s top wines. The addition of grape skins make this wine bold, spicy and lucious, with strong tannins and a long finish.
Dry | Full Body | Med-Heavy Oak | 14% ABV – Releasing April 2019 – $170


Ordering information:

These limited release wine kits must be pre-ordered by Wednesday, 11/28 @ 6pm. A 50% down payment is required on all orders. The kits will arrive @ A&M in 2019.

To order, visit A&M to pay with cash, check or credit card, or call 724-222-WINE & pay with a credit card.


Special – Order 2 or more kits and receive $5 off each kit. Order 3 or more kits and receive $10 off each kit.

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